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Make time for yourself relax with Diva Nails & Spa


Make time for yourself relax with Diva Nails & Spa

There are many reasons for thin nails, brittle nails such as using nail polish remover, biting nails… Strong nails are something everyone wants, to ensure your nails are always strong, you Need regular nail care.

1. Proper nutrition
A balanced diet , complete with essential nutrients and rich in minerals and vitamins can help with a wide range of health-related problems, including keeping one's nails strong. strong.
The best way to properly supplement nutrients is through the diet, increasing the intake of green vegetables and fruits to supplement a variety of minerals and vitamins.
But if a person is not consuming enough minerals and vitamins through their diet, a multivitamin supplement may be considered. However, when taking any medications, talk to your doctor before taking them to make sure they won't interact with existing medications.

2. Biotin supplements
Biotin (vitamin H) is an essential vitamin that helps maintain nervous system health, hair and nail care. Biotin is a B vitamin that occurs naturally in foods, such as legumes, salmon, and eggs. 
However, biotin is water soluble, so they do not store it in their bodies. Therefore, a person needs to supplement biotin through diet or regular food supplements.

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3. Drink lots of water
When a person's nails don't get enough fluid, their nails can become brittle and break more easily. To provide enough water you need to drink enough from 1500ml to 2000ml per day.
To provide adequate water, you should bring water when going out for a long time, avoid using water containing alcohol and sweet ...

4. Wear gloves when using cleaning products
Cleaning products often contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin and nails. While a person may not notice any problems with their skin or nails when using cleaning products, they can cause damage to one or both of them.
Try wearing gloves when handling any cleaning product to avoid possible damage.

Nails Salon 27612- Diva Nails & Spa - The best nail salon in Raleigh

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